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Dancing With The Stars – Season 8 – Week 8 – Team Dances

Posted by ctanglefoot on April 28, 2009

Another week another injury. This week Reality Star Melissa Rykroff suffered an injury to her ribs and will be out of the competition for the week. This week the couples split into two teams, Team Mambo and Team Tango for team performances. Those scores will be added to each couple’s score at the end of the night.  First out of the dancing blocks on the night…

 Gilles Marini and Cheryl Burke danced the Lindy Hop. I came home towards the end of the performance. Ducky enjoyed it. The judges enjoyed it giving them straight 9’s for 27 points.

 Lil’ Kim and Derek Hough danced the Paso Dobles.  It was bold, full of attitude, great facial expressions, nice footwork, lots of power to their movements, and oodles of passion. The judges scored them 9 – 9 – 10 for 28 points and the top of the leader board.

 Chuck Wicks and Julieann Hough danced the evening’s Cha Cha.  It was fun, flirty, good hips and feet, great attitude. The judges scored them 9 – 9 – 8 for 26 points.

 Shawn Johnson and Mark Ballas delivered a Samba. Fun, not overly energetic, needed a bit more hip action, nicely finished moves, and it was flirty.  The judges scored the 10 – 8- 9 for 27 points.

 Melissa Rykroff and Tony Dovalan we’re to have performed the Jive. Because of Melissa’s rib injury, the couple were judged on their rehearsal this morning – which is about danced at 50 percent, therefore the judges must judge them on what they see. The judges scored them straight 7’s for 21 points and the bottom of the leader board.

 Ty Murray and Chelsie Hightower danced a Samba. Wow,k he did a great job. Good fast footwork movements were not stiff. He looked like he was really enjoying himself.  The judges were mixed scoring them 9 – 7- 8  for 24 points.

 Team Mambo – Chuck and Julieann, Shawn and Mark, and Lacey Schwimmer filling in for Melissa with Tony performed the first team dance of the evening.  Good synchronicity, fun spotlights, and a great ending with a tip of the hat and a nod to the head to Beyoncè and Justin. The judges scored them 8 – 8 -8 for 25 points.  Scored on just Church and Shawn’s dancing 25 points are awarded to each couple and added to their scores including Melissa and Tony.

 Team Tango – Gilles and Cheryl, Lil Kim and Derek, and Ty and Chelsie danced the Tango. It featured great footwork (though Kim did have a good size error where she forgot or lost her place in the choreography) and wonderful physical attitude.  The judges scored them 9 – 9 – 10 fir 28 points.

 Leader board after the team dances…

 Lil’ Kim and Derek 28 plus 28 points for 56

Gilles and Cheyl 27 plus 28 points for 55

Shawn and Mark 27 plus 25 points for 52

Chuck and Julieann 26 plus 25 points for 51

Ty and Chelsie 24 plus 25 points for 49

Melissa and Tony 21 plus 25 points for 46

 Tomorrow night another couple leaves the ballroom, we’ll find out which young pros leave the competition for a spot on next season’s pro team and watch their next round of performances. Until then,




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