Dancing off the Edge

with Jenny T. Partridge

Oh the places she’ll go….


 For years, 25th Street in Ogden, Utah, was known as one of the roughest, most decadent and dangerous spots in the west. Even Al Capone considered Ogden “too wild” a town for him. Of course, with the prominent Mormon population and a determined town mayor, the 1950s saw Ogden cleaned up, and restoration of 25th Street began. Now, it’s home to Jenny T. Partridge, who finds that life is pretty darned dangerous teaching dance to budding prima–and not-so-prima–ballerinas. If Al Capone taught dance in Ogden, Utah, chances are he’d still find it a pretty scary place.

In doing research for the Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery Series, I learned a lot about the tunnels that still exist in many places. I’ve seen where they are closed off, and even peeked inside one that was slightly open. It’s an intriguing, but terrifying aspect of Ogden. At least to me. I don’t much like dark, dank, dark, and ancient tunnels. And did I say dark?

Check out Tutu Deadly for more information on the tunnels, or visit this site.



One Response to “Oh the places she’ll go….”

  1. Sherri said

    Have loved your Jenny books since the first one came out. I was wondering if you were continuing with the series?

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